James Mitchell

James Mitchell wines are as adventurous as the man himself

Tucked between the San Francisco Bay and Sierra Nevada mountain range lies Lodi, a region known to be the center of California’s wine production, rugged and a little untamed; coyotes still outnumber people – and that’s just how they like it.

A fifth generation Lodi farming family is at the heart of James Mitchell. By working closely together over the years and across the family’s generations, they’ve gained experience in what it takes to get the best grapes from Lodi. Through constant innovation and education they understand what occurs in the vineyards during the year. This guarantees that the best fruit from their Estate goes into every bottle of James Mitchell.

Sustainable winegrowing is an art and a science. See more on our approach here.

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James Mitchell


James Mitchell Cabernet Sauvignon

Produced from fruit grown, managed and harvested by James Mitchell viticulture and winemaking teams. Approachable but substantive, featuring ripe, lush fruit flavors with a touch of oak. Wine as real as Lodi’s wine–growing family way of life – rugged, bold and honest. Robust and flavorful, this wine is all about honest to goodness black cherry, black currant and warm spice flavors. Bold, ripe and approachable with lush fruit and a touch of oak.