Codorníu has been regarded as a world leader in prestige sparkling wine since 1872 when Josep Raventós, great grandfather to the present generation of family owners, introduced the Traditional Method in Spain, creating a wine that is known today as cava.

One of Spain’s first wine families, Codorníu has for more than 450 years produced some of the country’s finest wines. Codorníu owes its leadership position to an unrelenting focus on innovation and quality.
The winery enjoys a storied past. A royal supplier to the Spanish Crown since 1897, Codorníu’s unique winery and aging cellars are a protected Historical Artistic Monument.

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Codorníu Original Cava

This cava was christened “Original,” as it is made from the same blend of grapes used by Josep Raventós, creator of Codorníu cavas in 1872. Codorníu cavas are only made from grapes coming from owned vineyards or long-term suppliers with viticultural cooperation programs.

Codorníu Cava Pinot Noir

Codorníu is the leading producer of Pinot Noir cava in Spain. The exclusive use of this grape variety reflects the winery’s aim of producing elegant, distinguished cavas with freshness and vivacity. This cava shows a pale and refreshing cherry-red color and a delicate and sustained mousse. The bouquet is reminiscent of recently picked ripe summer fruits including raspberries and black currants. Rich flavors add to the aromas to provide a unique sensory experience that makes Codorníu Pinot Noir cava unforgettable.

Anna de Codorníu Brut

Pale straw yellow, clean and brilliant. Fine bubbles with continuous beads and a persistent mousse. Displays delicate aromas of tropical fruit such as pineapple as well as citrus, grapefruit and lime. It is soft on the palate with elegant citrus notes. Well balanced and refreshing. It is an ideal apértifs and goes well with shellfish and white fish. Suitable accompaniment for sushi and sashimi or lightly spiced carpaccio.

Anna de Codorníu Rose

Delicate cherry color with strawberry tones. Fine and persistent bubbles. Aromas of red fruit, strawberries, cherries and woodland fruits with hints of green apple. Elegant and light on the palate with a good between acidity and sweetness with a refreshing finish. An ideal selection for apértifs and occasional toasts.