The Spanish Quarter

From bustling cities to small villages, the plaza is the vibrant center of Spanish life. It’s where food, wine, laughter and music flow freely and where anything serious is left for mañana – or tomorrow.

The Spanish Quarter captures the spirit of mañana and gives time-honored traditions a modern twist by combining native Spanish grapes with international varietals. The resulting blend is both exotic and familiar – the perfect introduction to modern Spanish wine. The Spanish Quarter is ideal for dinner parties, picnics or raising a toast. Enjoy good times and good friends and put everything else off until mañana. ¡Salud!

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The Spanish Quarter


The Spanish Quarter Cabernet-Tempranillo

This full, silky red marries the noble and native Spanish red grape varietal Tempranillo with internationally recognized, yet relative newcomer to Spain, Cabernet Sauvignon. The resulting blend is a deep purple-red color with a nose of dark cherry and blackberry, and hint of exotic spice and chocolate. The full and silky palate reveals layers of juicy ripe berry fruit, dark chocolate, and a touch of sweet oak on the finish.