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  • Belmondo Merlot NV 940X300


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    Appearance: Ruby red

    Aroma & Flavor: Aromas of blackberries and ripe plum, underscored by herbal notes.


    Alcohol: 12%

    Barrel Type: Aged in stainless steel

    In an effort to seek out the best-tasting Merlot available, a recent blind tasting held by the Wall Street Journal named Belmondo Merlot the top of the class with a "Best of Tasting - Ranked #1" designation. Hailed for its dark red color and rich flavor, Belmondo Merlot possesses incredible depth and complexity, all while remaining velvety and soft on the palate.

    Tasting Notes

    Belmondo Merlot has a mellow and complex flavor with a soft velvety finish. It is a soft, elegant wine perfect for everyday enjoyment.

    Pairs Well With
    • CookedMeats
    • SpicyPasta Dishes