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  • Belmondo Pinotgrigio NV 940X300

    Pinot Grigio

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    Appearance: Brilliant pale straw

    Aroma & Flavor: This wine shows subtle aromas of tree fruit, honeydew, acacia blossoms. and almond.


    Alcohol: 12.5%

    Barrel Type: Aged in stainless steel

    As a Tasters Guild Gold Medal winner, Belmondo Pinot Grigio represents a family of wines characterized by delightful flavors and unforgettable taste. This particular Pinot Grigio is clean and medium bodied with a taste of fresh melon, ripe apples and pears with a crisp, clean finish.

    Tasting Notes

    The medium-bodied palate of this Pinot Grigio replicates the tree fruit, honeydew and acacia blossoms. It finishes with a fresh, crisp texture and almonds found on the nose.

    Pairs Well With
    • Sushi
    • PanAsian
    • Thai