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  • Belmondo Pinotnoir NV 940X300

    Pinot Noir

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    Appearance: Garnet red

    Aroma & Flavor: Sweet ripe red berry fruit and plums with a suggestion of earth- dried leaves and the slightest touch of oak.


    Alcohol: 12%

    Barrel Type: Aged in stainless steel

    Belmondo Pinot Noir is a lighter-colored and flavored red wine, well suited to pair with poultry, ham, lamb and pork. Its flavors are reminiscent of sweet red berries, plums, tomatoes, cherries and at times a notable earthy or wood-like flavor.

    Tasting Notes

    Styled for casual, everyday drinking, the bright fruit expression of the Belmondo Pinot Noir suits any occasion. Fresh, supple and medium bodied, this Pinot Noir features a silky and refined texture with sweet gentle tannins.

    Pairs Well With
    • CookedMeats
    • Pasta Dishes