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  • Santini Dry Marsala 940X300


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    Appearance: Golden Amber

    Aroma & Flavor: Wood, Spices, Hazelnuts, Almond


    Alcohol: 18%

    Barrel Type: Perpeturum - Solera Barrel Aging

    "While Marsala is still known and loved as a cooking wine, in recent years the Italian wine designations have improved for this historic wine and as a result Marsala has been gaining quality ground and catching glimpses of its former glory in the form of both an acclaimed aperitif and dessert wine." -Aboutwine.com

    Tasting Notes

    A DOC-fortified wine made and bottled in the typical area of the Marsala region in Sicily. This very dry, golden amber wine shows intense nutty aromas with notes of hazelnuts and almond with a velvety flavor. The fragrance is reflected on the palate in a round clean and complex mouthfeel complemented by firm acidity.

    Pairs Well With
    • SoftGoat Cheese
    • Almonds
    • SmokedMeats