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  • Septima Chard 940X300


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    88 points

    Edgy and tart with racy acidity and bright clean fruit; crisp, lively and fresh.

    Septima 2008 Chardonnay 06/01/2009 (88) Tasting Panel Magazine


    Appearance: Pale yellow with bright golden hues

    Aroma & Flavor: Fresh, fruity and very complex. Intense green apple notes and tropical touch fruits.


    Alcohol: 14%

    Barrel Type: Aged in French and American oak

    Hand harvested in cool morning hours, the Chardonnay was whole-clustered, pressed to retain maximum fruitiness and delicacy, and placed in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. The fruit flavors of this un-oaked Chardonnay make it perfect for accompanying appetizers such as baked goat cheese, smoked fish or shellfish.

    Tasting Notes

    Septima Chardonnay is soft and subtle with a fresh and fruity impact. Thanks to its balanced acidity, it provides an attractive finish in the mouth.

    Pairs Well With
    • GoudaCheese
    • SmokedFish
    • Fontina Cheese