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In 1880, Pietro Fiore founded the Fiore winery in northeastern Piedmont near the small town of Gattinara, over time producing wines that established a respected reputation.
In similar fashion, Nicolao Manfredi pioneered his own winery in the town of Farigliano in the Dolcetto zone. When the two families came together their mission was to honor their heritage in producing traditional wines of Piedmont, focusing on those of Dolcetto and Moscato d'Asti. Today, the Manfredi family has been able to update not only their production methods but also the quality of the end product - classified Piedmontese wines.
The wines of Umberto Fiore capture the essence of elegance and approachability in the wines of the Piedmont region of northeastern Italy. From their classic Moscato d'Asti - which captures the precise soil profiles of specific vineyard areas in southeastern Piedmont near the provinces of Cuneo and Asti - to the Dolcetto wines of the Langhe and the Gavi of Alessandria Umberto Fiore's wines stand out with exceptional quality and value.
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From their holdings throughout the sub regions of Piedmont where the Dolcetto (Read More)